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Meeting all your industrial flooring needs, we supply and install everything from flooring specifically designed for pharmaceutical purposes to water and slip resistant options for factories and manufacturing establishments. Working diligently, we ensure your high-performance flooring is installed to the highest standard.


Aerospace Flooring

Our aerospace flooring solutions are engineered to meet the stringent standards of the industry, providing durable and high-performance surfaces that withstand the demands of aircraft maintenance and manufacturing facilities.


Automotive Flooring

Our automotive flooring options in Wrexham, Clwyd are designed to endure the heavy traffic and chemical exposure common in auto workshops and showrooms. They offer a blend of aesthetics and functionality, making them ideal for the automotive sector.


Factory Flooring

We specialize in factory flooring solutions that enhance safety, hygiene, and productivity in manufacturing environments. From epoxy coatings to anti-slip surfaces, our offerings are tailored to meet the diverse needs of industrial facilities.


Food and Beverage

Rhino Industrial Flooring provides hygienic, FDA-compliant flooring solutions for the food and beverage industry. Our seamless and easy-to-clean surfaces ensure a safe and clean environment, meeting the strict regulatory requirements of this sector.


Manufacturing and Production

Our flooring solutions are tailored to the manufacturing sector, offering industrial-grade surfaces that withstand heavy machinery and foot traffic. We prioritize durability, chemical resistance, and safety in these high-demand environments.


Local Authorities

We offer flooring solutions that meet the unique demands of local government facilities, providing durability, safety, and aesthetics. From municipal buildings to community centers, our floors are designed to withstand heavy usage.

Scientists Working in Laboratory. Facility with Modern Industrial Machinery. Product Manufacturing Process: Pharmaceutics, Semiconductors, Biotechnology.


Rhino Industrial Flooring understands the importance of sterile environments in pharmaceutical settings. Our flooring solutions are designed to meet stringent cleanliness and regulatory standards, providing seamless and easy-to-maintain surfaces.


Warehouses Flooring

We specialize in warehouse flooring, delivering durable and high-strength surfaces that can withstand heavy loads and constant traffic. Our solutions enhance safety and efficiency in warehouse operations, making them a preferred choice for logistics facilities.