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Enhance Efficiency, Safety, and Durability of Your Packaging Facility

At Rhino Industrial Flooring, we understand the critical role that factory flooring plays in the daily operations of packaging facilities. We recognize that getting products out the door efficiently and safely is the primary objective for any business in this industry. To achieve this, having a reliable and durable flooring system is paramount.

That’s where we come in. We specialize in designing and installing custom floor systems that are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your factory.

Key Features of Our Flooring Systems

Our flooring is non-porous, which means it doesn’t allow liquids or chemicals to penetrate its surface. This feature makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze while preventing damage from spills. Packaging facilities often deal with a variety of chemicals and substances.

Our flooring is chemically resistant, ensuring it can withstand exposure to common industrial chemicals without deteriorating. Safety is a top priority in any workplace. Our flooring systems are engineered to provide excellent slip resistance, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in your facility.

Decades of Experience

With decades of experience in flooring installation, our team has a deep understanding of the unique challenges that packaging facilities face. We take pride in our reputation for swift responses, expert design capabilities, and on-time job completion. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your facility will be back online exactly as scheduled, with a top-quality flooring system in place.

Our goal is to provide you with flooring solutions that not only withstand the day-to-day grind of foot traffic, forklifts, and vehicles but also enhance safety, increase efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. When you choose Rhino Industrial Flooring, you’re choosing a partner committed to the success of your packaging facility.

Your Partner in Packaging Facility Success

In the competitive world of packaging, time and efficiency are of the essence. We are here to provide you with the reliable, durable, and customized factory flooring solutions you need to stay ahead. Our flooring systems not only meet the highest industry standards but also adapt to the specific demands of your facility. Don’t let concerns about flooring maintenance and safety slow you down. Contact Rhino Industrial Flooring today, and let us work with you to design and install the perfect flooring system for your packaging facility.

Why Choose Rhino Industrial Flooring?

Since 1998, the Rhino Industrial Flooring team have provided superior industrial flooring, coating, and lining solutions to some of the nation’s most respected companies.

Durable, seamless flooring for factories

Rhino Industrial Flooring recognises that getting products out the door is the name of the game at your packaging facility and is paramount to business. Therefore, we take the stress out of worrying about maintaining your flooring. In fact, we know you need your flooring to stand up to the day-to-day grind of foot traffic, forklifts, and vehicles without missing a beat.

At Rhino Industrial Flooring, we design and install custom floor systems to meet the needs of your factory. Designed to enhance safety, increase efficiency, and lower your maintenance costs, our flooring systems are:

Here at Rhino Industrial Flooring, we have notched up decades of flooring installation experience in all types of packaging facilities. We are renowned for our fast response, expert design, and on time job completion that gets your facility back online exactly as scheduled.

To discover more about our durable factory flooring, contact us now..